Please Don’t Rain!

Please please please don’t rain on Saturday. Pretty please!

Weather permitting, our plan is to have an all-day BBQ on Satuday, with a chance to fire up the barbie and put on our famous sausages and steaks.


According to the weather forecast, rain may be on the horizon.

Let’s hope the good weather we’re experiencing at the moment continues because we’ve already booked entertainment (bouncy castle for the little un’s as well as live singer and a casino bar!)

We’re scheduled to go from 1 o’clock til 8pm weather permitting.

Give us a call if you’re unsure but unless there’s a downpour, we’re hoping to go ahead, even if there’s light rain.

Famous last words hey?

Join me in praying it doesn’t rain!

Watch this space my beery friends, and don’t miss a trick.

Hope to see you there!


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