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CCTV Upgrade

Following a serious incident that occurred in our pub last week, and on the advice of the police, we’ve taken the step to upgrade our CCTV security cameras.

Our previous CCTV cameras, installed over a decade ago, unfortunately did not cover all areas of our pub. In addition to this, picture quality was not the best, and as I’m sure can be appreciated, technology has advanced significantly in the past ten years today’s available systems are much more advanced and offer far better capabilities.

With regards to the attack that took place, unfortunately limited footage was available to provide to the police as the attack itself occurred in a CCTV ‘blind spot’, although crucially we did have footage of the suspect both entering and leaving the pub, which of course has been passed over to the police to help with their investigation.

Upgrading our cameras has been on our minds for a while now, but having just experienced what we did, we’ve taken the step to completely upgrade all of our cameras, and camera system installation work has already taken place with cameras now covering the bar, all of the inside, the beer garden, the car park and the exit of the pub.

As per UK legislation, we’d like all patrons to know that they will be recorded when visiting our pub, and of course signs informing everyone of this will be visible across our premises as well.

We’ll also be taking this opportunity to install new roller shutters. The work should only take a day to complete, and we expect no disruption to our service. If anyone is looking for a good roller shutter repair company in London we highly recommend Tony and his team.

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